MSc. Laszlo Grad-Gyenge, PhD Student

Contact Information

E-Mail: laszlo.grad-gyenge [at]

Room HE 02 36
Favoritenstrasse 9-11/188
A-1040 Vienna
Hours: by appointment
Biography: I studied computer science at the Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary. I wrote my MSc thesis in the area of global optimization using iterative methods. I was trying to find good starting points for local searches using function approximators to estimate the space based on the sample data collected by local searches. I also tried automatic feature extraction to help the function approximators. I finished it in 2001. To continue my MSc studies I started a PhD at the same university, in the same area. I applied my search methods in the following areas: satisfiability, geon space, facial expression recognition, exploring the visual cortex of the primates. Next to my PhD I started to build my company ( The primary fields were business application development and web development. For example: - an automated text examination system, - Europass issuing and adminstration system. I also had innovative projects, that are some of our products, i.e.:, My company took my time, so I resigned my PhD status and was building the company for approximately 10 years. In 2011 I decided to restart my PhD, so I went back to my university, and started to work in the area of computer vision with saliency and eye direction estimation. It was a short story, because my supervisor asked me to switch to the area of natural language processing, and to create a question answering tool, by extracting FAQ information from dialogs. I worked two semesters in the latter area. In the first semester I created a framework called nBoss for web applications in J2EE. The second semester I spent in Vienna as an Erasmus and built the theoretical background for textual knowledge representation. In the last semester I learnt to know Vienna, and liked it very much, so I decided to stay here, if possible. So I applied to the EC group, I got approved and start the work here in 2012.

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