The Virtual 3D Social Experience Museum

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The goal of the project"The Virtual 3D Social Experience Museum"is to provide a community platform for the presentation, discussion, annotation and the experience of cultural artefacts all blended together in a multi-user virtual environment with Web 2.0 capabilities for user-generated contentThe benefit for the visitor is to explore and to annotate the wealth of cultural heritage starting from one virtual place where objects from geographically and culturally disparate real places are brought together to create a holistic experience. For the museum as content provider the benefit is an easy to follow avenue to engage the visitor in a dialogue that will lead to a deeper understanding of the visitors'needs and expectations for the real museum or heritage site. Moreover, since visitors are able to annotate and to create content, the entire set of artefacts can be semantically enriched.In cooperation with the Museum and the Library of the City of Vienna a showcase will be developed either addressing the temporary exhibition Vienna 1930 or parts of the museum's permanent collection extended with artefacts of the Library.The visitor contributions to the showcase will be analysed to provide the museum with feedback on visitor reception. In particular we will provide content analysis of textual annotations, social network analysis of contributing visitors, as well as general analysis of interaction patterns with the exhibition.

Start Date : 01.04.2009

End Date : 31.03.2012

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