High Performances Prediction, Detection and Monitoring Platform forPatient Safety Risk Management

Details :

According to recent studies, Risks Against Patient Safety (RAPS) represent one of the most important factors of dead inhospitals: during therapy, more then 8% of patients recovered in hospitals suffer for additional disease that in almost 50% of thecases produce either dead or significant additional health problems. RAPS occur in any stage of the patient care process.REMINE project idea originates from the common difficulty in conducting a analysis, early identification andeffective prevention on RAPS when there are significant mass of inhomogeneous data sources, stored in multimedia databases,and a distributed environments with different care professionals contemporary involved.To contrast the RAPS trends and the malpractices diffusion, REMINE prosecutes a number of main objectives. a newtechnological platform, new care process organizational requirements. Main elements are: mining of multimedia data; modeling,prediction, detection of RAPS, RAPS management support system and info broker patient safety framework.Main outcomes of REMINE will be: time reduction in collecting data, time reduction in RAPS analysis, standardization ofcommon language, evolution in the interaction model, reference framework, patient safety improvement, health care cost saving(within an extimated RAPS reduction between 6% to 9% of RAPS.REMINE consortium has been conceived with some of the major players in the field.Major milestones in the project are¿ M6 User requirement and user driven test bed settled up ¿ M12 first REMINE prototype ¿ M18 second REMINE prototype ¿ M33 third REMINE prototype ¿ M36 project end

Start Date : 01.01.2008

End Date : 30.10.2011