Seminar: Virtual Reality Systems for Psychology

Details :

The aim of the bilateral seminar is to report ongoing work and projects, to exchange views and specify directions of future joint work. The focus of our joint research interest is the development of psychology-related VR systems for research, education, therapy, and rehabilitation.Both partners are experts in the related fields and have published internationally in recent years.Applications of VR in psychology started to slowly emerge within the last decade with increasing success. As part of this seminar we will discuss well established application areas as well as new fields with high potential. The Austrian applicant has already established a very fruitful national collaboration with very good results in national projects e.g. the cooperation between the University Klagenfurt and TU Vienna. The proposed seminar can open the door for a long term international cooperation between Austrian and Russian experts. This would greatly enhance the chances in future international joint research projects for all participants.

Start Date : 01.09.2008

End Date : 22.11.2008