Pseudonymization of Information for Privacy in e-Health

Details :

e-Health by definition requires the sharing of patient related datawhen and where necessary. Electronic health records (EHR) promise toimprove communication between health care providers, thus leading tobetter quality of patients'treatment and reduced costs. As highlysensitive patient information provides a promising goal forattackers and is also demanded by insurance companies and employers,there is an increasing social and political pressure regarding theprevention of health data misuse. Within this project we develop ---based on our patent --- the new system PIPE (Pseudonymization ofInformation for Privacy in e-Health). It differs from existingapproaches in its ability to securely integrate primary andsecondary usage of health data. The aim of this project is (a) tobroaden our patented approach to support (semi-)structured metadata, (b) to develop alternative secure storage and retrievaltechniques, (c) to provide for secure storage and access to medicalemergency data, (d) to provide a secure viewer that preventsman-in-the-middle attacks, and (e) to demonstrate our system in thecontext of genome analysis, storage, and retrieval.

Start Date : 01.07.2008

End Date : 28.02.2011