Business Semantics on top of process technologies

Details :

The BSopt project will deliver an integrated methodology for inter-organizational systems spanningfrom business models over business process models to their execution in a service-orientedarchitecture (SOA). Integrating business processes into a SOA is certainly a hot topic. However, mostcurrent approaches are limited to the technical process aspects, disregarding the economic drivers ofthe information society. In contrary, BSopt will consider the formalization of the semantics of newbusiness models due to faster changing business environments, their support by appropriate businessprocesses and their implementation in flexible architectures. We will incorporate state-of-the-artapproaches to describe business models, business process models and deployment artifacts inSOAs. However, we will go beyond the state-of-the-art by connecting the dots between theseapproaches allowing for a semi-automatic mapping between them.This will result in an integrated methodology spanning over all layers that is based on a metamodel incorporating the semantics of the assimilated approaches. Furthermore, we demonstrate thecustomization of the BSopt approach by integrating a domain (= industry) specific ontology by meansof the print media industry. A critical point in reaching user acceptance is tool support for the BSoptmethodology. Following advanced software engineering concepts, we will implement the integratedBSopt approach as a software factory based on a so-called domain specific language (DSL). For thispurpose we have to use a meta-modeling tool, that allows us to specify the BSopt meta model withinthis tool. Furthermore, the software factory will guide a modeler in a wizard-driven style through theBSopt methodology requiring not as much modeling know-how as in traditional modeling languagessuch as UML. The meta-modeling tools being used in BSopt are the Microsoft DSL tools for VisualStudio and ADONIS.The goal of a software factory-based approach is creating high quality code in shorter time. Codecreated by the BSopt tools are deployment artifacts (BPEL, WSDL, XAML,etc..) to be consumed byexisting software environments┬┐ in our case the Oracle SOA Suite and the Microsoft Workflow Foundation. The BSopt approach will be validated by case studies in the print media industry.

Start Date : 01.04.2008

End Date : 31.01.2012