Czech IT Project Process Improvement for Dependable-Systems Research based on the Novel V-Modell XT Approach

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The Gerstner Laboratory (GL) at the Czech Technical University in Prague successfully con-ducts research in the areas of artificial intelligence, with the focus on knowledge-based and information systems, knowledge discovery in databases, multi-agent systems, and software diagnostics. Till now GL has gathered experience in the development of many IT systems in the above mentioned areas. Due to an extreme increase in the size and complexity of software development in research projects the ad-hoc software process has already reached edge of quality and economics.At this stage it becomes necessary for GL to build up competence in the field of┬┐software process improvement for dependable systems┬┐ in order to enhance the research conducted in areas of dependable systems applications. This new competency will enable GL researchers to overcome the current challenges in the IT projects management (high risk of rework, risk of feasibility, quality and usability of end product and services) and to support GL researchers with the advanced methodologies addressing the quality assurance, quality management and standardization in software processes. The specific knowledge transfer objectives are formulated as follows: a) To acquire a knowledge of formal methodology of software development process, software engineering, software process improvement, b) To learn the concepts of V-Model XT framework and to tailor its process models to the needs of GL research projects and application domains in Czech practice (aimed at depend-able system applications), c) To integrate methods from requirements management and knowledge engineering to refine and improve software process models, d) To enable researches to conduct empirical studies in the area of software engineering and quality management to improve processes and products. The partner organization providing training for the outgoing researchers is TUW, The Insti-tute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems (IFS). IFS has a considerable experience in Quality Software Engineering (QSE) Research, teaching and training in the area of soft-ware engineering, project management, quality management, and risk management. Addition-ally IFS will provide the training in the V-Model XT framework for the GL researchers.

Start Date : 01.10.2006

End Date : 31.12.2009

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