System Wide Information Sharing

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The research project SWIS (System Wide Information Sharing) aims at providing a scientifically robust and practicable method for establishing information sharing among partners, legacy systems and services via a heterogeneous infrastructure applying the aviation domain as an example. This includes:¿Development of a concise semantic to describe the source and target systems in terms of data requirements and functional ranges as well as constraints of the infrastructure.¿ Algorithms to deduce the ¿intelligent plumbing¿ from semantic descriptions. This defines an automated way to acquire the canonical data exchange model as well as the resulting data flows and interface function calls. ¿ Description of the solution architecture with all functional components. ¿Development of a prototype integration four example applications utilizing the results of the research project. The key motivation for SWIS is to elaborate fitting mechanisms based on existing EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) paradigms and know-how. In particular, SWIS will allow for implementing IT system integration in highly complex environments regardless of location and number of legacy applications involved.

Start Date : 01.07.2006

End Date : 31.12.2009

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