Telelearning for imprisoned people

Details :

Central parts of Telfi (Tele-learning for imprisoned people) are training measures for prisoners by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by E-Learning. An advantage is the high flexibility of E-Learning. Trainees themselves largely decide on their pace. This means that E-Learning is able to interest clients who are hardly attracted by traditional teaching and learning methods.E-Learning requires appropriate equipment and technical structures. They have been installed and developed in the participating prisons by means of the Ministry of Justice and with the support of Institute of Software Technology, Vienna University of Technology. Above all a┬┐prison education server┬┐ has been installed and has been developed within the project. This server is an important step towards a wider use of e-learning in Austrian prisons and towards mainstreaming the ideas of the project. After Telfi the server should enable Austrian prisons to organize E-Learning courses by themselves by taking advantage of the server and the software stored on it.

Start Date : 01.12.2002

End Date : 15.09.2005

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