Smartphone Navigation anhand von"intelligenten Check-Points"

H. Hofer, G. Retscher:
"Smartphone Navigation anhand von"intelligenten Check-Points"";
Österreichische Zeitschrift für Vermessung und Geoinformation (VGI), begutachteter Beitrag (eingeladen),104(2016), 2; S. 61 - 71.

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Navigation from a start point A to a destination B has become an easy task due to the integration of compact GPS receivers in our smartphones. Nevertheless, in urban areas and in buildings GPS positions are often not accurate enough or even cannot be obtained at all because of the fact that GPS signals are attenuated, reflected or weakened. Besides GPS, smartphones have other in-built sensors, such as inertial sensors (accelerometers and gyroscopes), and modules for data communication, such as Wi-Fi, which can additionally be used for positioning. The aim of our research is to combine the data of these components and to improve thereby the accuracy of localization in outdoor as well as indoor environments. The basic idea is to choose waypoints along the trajectory intelligently while navigating and to determine position changes in between with the help of the inertial sensors and the digital compass. In our investigation and tests we could achieve positioning accuracy of around 2.0 m on average for combined localization, while the deviations of the coordinates obtained from GPS laid within a range of 16.7 m only if GPS was available at all.