Applying business context to calculate subsets of business document standards

D. Novakovic, C. Huemer:
"Applying business context to calculate subsets of business document standards";
Information Technology and Management,17(2016), 3; S. 203 - 227.

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Business documents directly exchanged between
applications usually follow a certain business
document standard. No matter whether these standards are
traditional EDI standards or XML-based, they are very
generic including all elements that may be of need to any
company in this world. Before being used in a partnership,
a subset of these elements has to be defined based on the
business context (geopolitical region, industry, etc.). Usually
the definition of these subsets-called Message Implementation
Guidelines-starts from scratch, and, thus, is
very time-consuming. In this paper we present an approach
to explicitly assign context to the definition of Message
Implementation Guidelines. This contextual information is
also used to calculate a subset for to-be-developed Message
Implementation Guidelines based on existing ones. The
corresponding approach is supported by a prototype