Structured-light-based Depth Reconstruction Using Low-light Pico Projector

T. Rittler, F. Seitner, M. Gelautz:
"Structured-light-based Depth Reconstruction Using Low-light Pico Projector";
Journal of Mobile Multimedia,12(2016), 1&2; S. 125 - 137.

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In this work we investigate an infrared structured light prototype which is intended for 3D reconstruction in resource-restricted mobile applications. We explore the constraints on working range and pattern resolution that are imposed by the low-light property of our single-shot set-up. While focusing on the most light-sensitive steps of the decoding work ow, we suggest adaptations of image rectification, pattern generation and segmentation algorithms that are tailored to the specific spatial and radiometric requirements of our system. We incorporate two disparity estimation techniques based on codeword look-up and foreground/background segmentation into our system and analyze the effects of different algorithmic components on the overall runtime of our implementation.