Netzwerkanalyse von kunsthistorischen Attributen anhand von Social Tags

M. Arends, J. Froschauer, D. Goldfarb,W. Merkl:
"Netzwerkanalyse von kunsthistorischen Attributen anhand von Social Tags";
Vortrag: Electronic Imaging&the Visual Arts - EVA 2012 Berlin, Berlin, Germany; 07.11.2012 - 09.11.2012; in:"EVA 2012 Berlin Elektronische Medien&Kunst, Kultur, Historie", (2012), ISBN: 978-3-942709-05-7; S. 138 - 144.

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This paper deals with the network analysis of social tags that were annotated for works of art. It is thereby possible to visualise relations among the tags that represent themes, persons and iconographic attributes. By applying network clustering algorithms, it is possible to identify different groups of tags that correspond to art historical classifications. We provide different examples to show correlations of themes, persons, and iconographic details that are based solely on the annotations of the users.