Content generation for 3D video/TV

N. Brosch, A. Hosni, G. Ramachandran, L. He, M. Gelautz:
"Content generation for 3D video/TV";
Journal e&i: Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik,128(2011), 10; S. 359 - 365.

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A lack of suitable 3D content currently constitutes a major bottleneck for transferring the recent success of 3D cinema to our home TV. In this paper we describe a comprehensive 3D content generation system which enables to generate 3D content from either stereoscopic or monoscopic input videos. In particular, we present a method to convert original 2D image sequences to 3D content by adding depth information with only little user support. Furthermore, we show results of a stereo algorithm which provides the basis for automatic conversion of stereoscopic film material for viewing on different types of displays. In this context, we discuss the potential of inpainting techniques for filling in image regions that were originally occluded.