Information Warfare on the Internet: Data Security Monitoring in Austria

Details :

Cyber attacks are serious threats for organizations and entire nations. The protection of thecritical infrastructure in Austria depends on (i) the IT awareness, and (ii) the adequateimplementation of IT security measures in private, commercial, and governmentalenvironments. This project aims at: (i) measuring the IT awareness and already implementedIT security measures at Austrian citizens, companies, and governmental institutions, (ii) thedevelopment of a catalog of measures to raise the national IT awareness level and enforcenational IT security measures, and (iii) evaluating the catalog of measures regarding theAustrian data protection legislation. The project results enable the protection of the criticalinfrastructure in Austria by measures which are compliant to the Austrian data protectionlegislation.

Start Date : 01.03.2011

End Date : 03.09.2012