Christian Doppler - Laboratory for Software Engineering Integration for Flexible Automation Systems

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The increasing complexity and flexibility of developing modern automation systems requires the systematic integration of software tools across engineering disciplines.Technical and semantic gaps between software tools in the development of automation systems hinder the correct and efficient communication across tool and system boundaries, leading to development delays and risks for system operation.In the new CD-Lab SE-Flex-AS researchers from informatics and electrical engineering start from industrial use cases to develop approaches for the technical and semantic integration of software tools and knowledge models across engineering disciplines.Concrete research scenarios regarding quality management across engineering models and toosl are 1. the engineering model version management and 2. the¿end-to-end test¿ from the sensor in the field to the associated variable in the control software program. A key results is a technical integration platform for software tools, the ¿Engineering Service Bus¿, which will be made available to scientists and practitioners as Open Source Software (

Start Date : 01.01.2010

End Date : 31.12.2014

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