Embedding the Evidence Information in Guideline Representation Languages

A.Öztürk, K. Kaiser, P. Martini, S. Miksch:
"Embedding the Evidence Information in Guideline Representation Languages";
Vortrag: 20th IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS'07), Maribor, Slovenia; 20.06.2007 - 22.06.2007; in:"Computer-Based Medical Systems", P. Kokol, V. Podgorelec, D. Micetic-Turk, M. Zorman, M. Verlic (Hrg.); IEEE Computer Society, (2007), ISBN: 0-7695-2905-4; S. 512 - 517.

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Clinical practice guidelines are widely used to support medical staff in treatment planning and decision-making, whereas, the classification of different recommendations in the CPGs are one of the most important information sources to use. However, there is a lack of consensus amongst guideline developers, regarding those classification schemes. To address this problem, we mapped the different graded and ungraded evidence information used by different guideline developing organizations into our meta schema. In this paper we describe how guideline representation languages, such as Asbru and PROforma can be extended to model our meta schema.