Construct3D - An Augmented Reality Application for Geometry Education

H. Kaufmann:
"Construct3D - An Augmented Reality Application for Geometry Education";
Vortrag: Joint Seminar: Virtual Reality Systems for Psychology, Vienna, Austria; 17.11.2008 - 22.11.2008; in:"Virtual Reality Systems for Psychology", (2008).

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Construct3D is a three dimensional geometric construction tool specifically designed for mathematics and geometry education. We describe our efforts in developing a system for the improvement of spatial abilities and maximization of transfer of learning. In order to support various teacher-student interaction scenarios we implemented flexible methods for context and user dependent rendering of parts of the construction. Together with hybrid hardware setups they allow the use of Construct3D in today┬┤s classrooms and provide a testbed for future evaluations. Means of application and integration in mathematics and geometry education at high school as well as university level are being discussed. Anecdotal evidence supports our claim that Construct3D is easy to learn, encourages experimentationwith geometric constructions and improves spatial skills.